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When you book your holiday accommodation using an Booking site, the fees are sent overseas. These Online Travel Agents (OTA’s) are all based in other countries, mainly the US.
As a consumer, you may get a good price on accommodation but the poor hotel/motel owner has to pay outstanding fees for every booking and all the money gets sent overseas.
When times are tough such as with Covid-19 or drought or fires, this is a particularly difficult time for the accommodation houses as any money they do get, ends up in someone else’s pocket.
When booking your accommodation, remember to call the motel direct. You will often get a better deal anyway but you can also assess if the managers are friendly. You may not want to stay there if they’re grumpy.

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  1. As a motel owner I am going to ask everyone to STOP using on-line travel agents. They are killing our businesses.

    Booking-com – I just noticed that our availablility on their website is blank. This means that we will get Zero booking from them until they fix it. After an hour trying to understand a heavily accented Malaysian person then an even more difiicult to understand, Japanese person, I was told “SORRY” over and over. It will take several days to fix this and we are sorry.

    Because they earn billions of dollars in revenue, they can afford to saturate the internet with the advertising, making it virtually impossible for any individual property to rank above them. They take at least 15-20% of our room rate, they penalise us heavily if we make a mistake, they apologise when they crash your business, but no more.

    ALL the money goes to overseas millionaires. None stays in our own country. These companies provide a great service for guests, but they destroy many businesses.
    Motel owners will inflate the room rates to compensate meaning that in the end, guests will lose too.

    CALL DIRECT – Compare the rates by all means. I would rather get a $100 from a guest than pay the crooks $15 of it.

    If they disappeared in a flash, nothing would change except we would put the prices down a little.

    Please call properties direct.

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