Star Ratings

* * Star Ratings * *

Star ratings are hugely important to the motel owner.  They can make or break a motel by putting off potential guests with stories of how poorly they were treated or unclean a room was.

At Marco Polo we strive to have a 10 out of 10 rating depending on the site in question.  We want our guests to feel important and cared for.  We take our guests comments seriously and are most upset when / if we receive poor feedback.

The rating example attached is ‘almost’ exactly what we want. 10s everywhere, perfect. However, a positive comment in the wrong area has dropped us from a perfect 10 to 9.  It is wonderful to know that there was noting the guest didn’t like but by putting that comment in the place dedicated to negative feedback, we’ve lost a point.

One little point can be the difference between us and our closest competitor (our nemesis).  It’s a cut-throat world out there and every point makes a difference, so we kindly ask that our guests be aware of the critical nature of their ratings. * * * * * * * * * *

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