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Sporting Accommodation

If there is one thing we can agree on, its that almost every Australian loves, their sport.

As the calendars begin to fill again with events far and wide throughout the year, teams will need places to stay.

Of course Taree is full of beautiful motels to choose from so why stay at Marco Polo Motor Inn?


1. Parking

Never forget that we are a Motor Inn and having your car or vehicle nearby means you can come and go with little fuss.

2. Service

Marco Polo is family owned, rather than just one of many in a major chain which means we offer friendlier and a more personalised service, which is important for that sporting trip, in which camaraderie, teamwork and – of course – sport are rightly the main focus.

3. Price

We believe we are well priced and have many facilities that the others don’t have making Marco Polo great value for money.

With a salt water swimming pool available for a dip after a hard day on the courts or sporting fields.

A bar-b-que by the river maybe a consideration to keep your team all in the one place and reduce overall spending.

4. Facilities

And for those groups wanting to cater for their own specific sporting group needs, Marco Polo also provide  microwaves, fridges, toasters and tea and coffee making facilities, while WiFi – for keeping up to date with scores and communicating back to home base – is fast and free.

When you book your holiday accommodation using an Booking site, the fees are sent overseas. These Online Travel Agents (OTA’s) are all based in other countries, mainly the US. As a consumer, you may get a good price on accommodation but the poor hotel/motel owner has to to pay outstanding fees for every booking and all the money gets sent overseas.
When times are tough such as with Covid-19 or drought or fires, this is a particularly difficult time for the accommodation houses as any money they do get, ends up in someone else’s pocket.
When booking your accommodation, remember to call the motel direct. You will often get a better deal anyway but you can also assess if the managers are friendly. You may not want to stay there if they’re grumpy.

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