Martin Bridge

Martin Bridge is getting a well earned revamp.  The bridge was opened in May 1940 and named in honour of Lewis Martin, the member for Oxley and Minister for works and Local Government.  It was a major piece of engineering with 2 concrete counterbalances operating the opening section of bridge to allow for shipping.

At a cost of 97,000 pounds, the Martin Bridge replaced the old punt that had been ferrying people across the river since 1902 and was located at the end of Pulteney Street.

The 463 meter bridge with 11 trussed spans is well and truly ready for a coat of paint and other repairs.  There will be minimal disruption to bridge users with much of the works being carried out at night.  The expected completion date for the repairs is late 2021 so it is no small job.

Taree Memorial Clock

The Memorial Clock in Taree was unveiled in 1925 in it’s original position at the crossroad of Victoria and Manning Streets.

The clock was built as a memorial to those who fought during  World War 1 and stood at the gateway to the township of Taree.

When the road became part of the Pacific Hwy in 1966, it was decided to relocate the clock to it’s current position in Fotheringham Park. To do this, the memorial was carefully dismantled and each piece numbered to make sure it was precisely reassembled in it’s new position.

Inside is a time capsule containing newspapers from the day, along with coins and signatures from notable people of the time.

This is just one of the interesting pieces of history around Taree.