Our Best Features

Our Best features

Kids feeding fish

It was recently brought to my attention that we don’t have any pictures of our little bit of river that Marco Polo backs onto.

The lovely garden overlooks Browns Creek which is abundant with fish, water dragons, birdlife and occasionally stingrays.  The little jetty allows you an up close encounter and is the perfect place to feed the ever hungry fish and ducks.

Recently the gardens have played host to our guests who have enjoyed the bar-b-que or the firepit depending on the weather. It’s a lovely area to enjoy a glass of wine and some cheese in the shade of the Jacarandas.

Why not bring your fishing rod and cook something up for tea?

But lets not forget the pool! Situated at the front of the motel, outside our dining room, there is another bar-b-que with eating areas, sun-lounge and salt-water swimming pool.  If you would like, you can enjoy your breakfast in the shade of the umbrellas while the kids splash about.

We encourage our guests to make full use of all the facilities at Marco Polo Motor Inn.  They’re there for you to relax and enjoy.

BBQ & Firepit

Martin Bridge

Martin Bridge is getting a well earned revamp.  The bridge was opened in May 1940 and named in honour of Lewis Martin, the member for Oxley and Minister for works and Local Government.  It was a major piece of engineering with 2 concrete counterbalances operating the opening section of bridge to allow for shipping.

At a cost of 97,000 pounds, the Martin Bridge replaced the old punt that had been ferrying people across the river since 1902 and was located at the end of Pulteney Street.

The 463 meter bridge with 11 trussed spans is well and truly ready for a coat of paint and other repairs.  There will be minimal disruption to bridge users with much of the works being carried out at night.  The expected completion date for the repairs is late 2021 so it is no small job.

Heating things up

We’ve had a fun weekend here at Marco Polo Taree.  Putting in lighting around the pool and river garden.  The pool garden is looking lovely now as the plants grow up and allow the lights to create wonderful shapes on the fence.

The river garden is also lovely with the trees being lit up and the serenity of the river and bird life it attracts.

Just while the weather is still a bit cool in the evening, we have added the wheelbarrow firepit. Perfect for taking the chill out of the air and toasting the odd marshmallow.

Even more reasons to stay at Marco Polo Taree.

Exciting Development


FIGTREES on the Manning is located on the northern bank of the Manning River, approximately 2km east of the Taree town centre. The site is around 20ha in size and includes a closed dairy factory in Pitt Street, through to and including the Mid Coast Ford site in Bligh Street, Chatham.

The development will begin soon with the construction of a pedestrian/cycle bridge linking the Botanical Gardens to Pitt Street and crossing over Browns Creek.

This development will mean Marco Polo is placed perfectly between the new development and the CBD.

Figtrees will include a beautiful riverpark village and parklands, a marina, shopping, parking, a rowing course and residential accommodation.

This is a very exciting development for Taree as it will give people more reasons to visit and increase employment. 

Go to the council website to Read more….

Yes, we are Open

Marco Polo Motor Inn is still open to accommodate guests moving around the state.
Naturally we have many government guidelines we need to adhere to and we need to collect extra details from people but we still provide our guests with a positive experience.

Our appropriately spaced breakfast room is open providing guests with an alternative place to eat. We have outdoor dining in our pool garden or river garden. Or if you prefer you can eat in your room.

We provide:

  • additional care with the cleaning  of rooms and public areas. 
  • hand sanitiser on entry to Reception
  • 1.5m between tables and tables & chairs regularly sanitised
  • continual updates to ensure we comply with any changes

Our free cancellation has changed from 48 hours to 24 hours to allow greater flexibility for our guests

The well-being of our guests and staff is paramount. Marco Polo Motor Inn would like to thank you for your support during this time and we look forward to welcoming you.

At your service

Our buffet may be closed but we are still serving breakfast. Continental or cooked can be delivered to your room or served in the dining room where tables are strategically placed, social distances apart.

Now that the weather is on the improve, why not sit by the pool in the lovely sun-filled garden to enjoy your breakfast and coffee.

To view our breakfast menu click here

Of course there’s always the shady river garden.  We will happily delivery your breakfast  while you overlook the river, watch the cranes fly by or share your tasty morsels with the ducks.

By prior arrangement, we can even offer dinner.  Just make sure you ask when you make your phone or website booking.


We’re Covid-19 Safe

You're safe with us!

Marco Polo Motor Inn is very serious about the health and safety of our guests.  All our rooms are thoroughly cleaned and sanitised.

We have a sanitising station for guests at Reception and our guests are checked in as quickly as possible to minimise risk to both staff and guest.

All cutlery and crockery from the rooms are removed and rewashed, whether used or not.

Staff have completed Covid training and a Covid Safety officer has been assigned.


Taree Memorial Clock

The Memorial Clock in Taree was unveiled in 1925 in it’s original position at the crossroad of Victoria and Manning Streets.

The clock was built as a memorial to those who fought during  World War 1 and stood at the gateway to the township of Taree.

When the road became part of the Pacific Hwy in 1966, it was decided to relocate the clock to it’s current position in Fotheringham Park. To do this, the memorial was carefully dismantled and each piece numbered to make sure it was precisely reassembled in it’s new position.

Inside is a time capsule containing newspapers from the day, along with coins and signatures from notable people of the time.

This is just one of the interesting pieces of history around Taree.

Star Ratings

* * Star Ratings * *

Star ratings are hugely important to the motel owner.  They can make or break a motel by putting off potential guests with stories of how poorly they were treated or unclean a room was.

At Marco Polo we strive to have a 10 out of 10 rating depending on the site in question.  We want our guests to feel important and cared for.  We take our guests comments seriously and are most upset when / if we receive poor feedback.

The rating example attached is ‘almost’ exactly what we want. 10s everywhere, perfect. However, a positive comment in the wrong area has dropped us from a perfect 10 to 9.  It is wonderful to know that there was noting the guest didn’t like but by putting that comment in the place dedicated to negative feedback, we’ve lost a point.

One little point can be the difference between us and our closest competitor (our nemesis).  It’s a cut-throat world out there and every point makes a difference, so we kindly ask that our guests be aware of the critical nature of their ratings. * * * * * * * * * *

Sporting Events

Sporting Accommodation

If there is one thing we can agree on, its that almost every Australian loves, their sport.

As the calendars begin to fill again with events far and wide throughout the year, teams will need places to stay.

Of course Taree is full of beautiful motels to choose from so why stay at Marco Polo Motor Inn?


1. Parking

Never forget that we are a Motor Inn and having your car or vehicle nearby means you can come and go with little fuss.

2. Service

Marco Polo is family owned, rather than just one of many in a major chain which means we offer friendlier and a more personalised service, which is important for that sporting trip, in which camaraderie, teamwork and – of course – sport are rightly the main focus.

3. Price

We believe we are well priced and have many facilities that the others don’t have making Marco Polo great value for money.

With a salt water swimming pool available for a dip after a hard day on the courts or sporting fields.

A bar-b-que by the river maybe a consideration to keep your team all in the one place and reduce overall spending.

4. Facilities

And for those groups wanting to cater for their own specific sporting group needs, Marco Polo also provide  microwaves, fridges, toasters and tea and coffee making facilities, while WiFi – for keeping up to date with scores and communicating back to home base – is fast and free.

When you book your holiday accommodation using an Booking site, the fees are sent overseas. These Online Travel Agents (OTA’s) are all based in other countries, mainly the US. As a consumer, you may get a good price on accommodation but the poor hotel/motel owner has to to pay outstanding fees for every booking and all the money gets sent overseas.
When times are tough such as with Covid-19 or drought or fires, this is a particularly difficult time for the accommodation houses as any money they do get, ends up in someone else’s pocket.
When booking your accommodation, remember to call the motel direct. You will often get a better deal anyway but you can also assess if the managers are friendly. You may not want to stay there if they’re grumpy.